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44th edition – Sunday 4th August 2019

The 3 Cols is an annual event and the direction of the circuit changes every year. This year for the 44th edition the route is:
Start – Barcelonnette – Col de la Cayolle – Col des Champs – Col d’Allos Finish – Barcelonnette

This event is in keeping with the non-competitive philosophy of the FFCT (French Cycle Touring Federation). The event therefore fits the definition in the standard rules of similar cycle touring events in France: “ Cycle touring is a tourist activity undertaken on a bike in events which combine tourism, sport, health and culture on a route which must be completed within a set time limit but without trying to finish in as fast a time as possible”.

The event is open to adults and to minors aged 16 – 18. Minors must produce a signed letter of parental consent.


All participants must acknowledge that they have read, understood and accepted all the following rules.


The event takes place on roads which are open to all traffic. Riders must obey the Highway Code and any special regulations imposed by the relevant police authorities. Cyclists do not have right of way over other road users, nor will there be any marshals. This is a non-competitive event and no results will be published nor will participants be timed. All participants must respect the environment.

Riders must: a) Obey the Highway Code and any special rules imposed by the relevant local authorities. b) Abide by the organiser’s verbal and written instructions c) Carry out any orders given by the police in the interest of road safety. Each rider is fully responsible for obeying points a, b and c above.

3. MEDICAL CERTIFICATE As this is a cycle touring event and not a race or cyclo-sportive participants are not obliged to provide a medical certificate. It is however advisable to have a medical check-up before undertaking any sporting activity.

4. HELMETS Riders are strongly advised to wear a protective helmet for cycle touring. All minors MUST wear a helmet.

5. E-BIKES E-bikes are only allowed on the shorter distance event (“Petit Parcours”). Riders must have enough battery charge to complete the route. The organiser cannot help out with flat batteries.

6. INSURANCE In accordance with current law, the organiser has taken out public liability insurance when registering the event with the FFCT. Every participant must be covered by their own personal injury and material damage insurance (FFCT membership or other insurance). The organiser accepts no responsibility for the theft of, damage to or loss of any participant’s personal belongings. The organiser’s insurance does not cover any damage to a participant’s bike and or equipment in the event of a fall or theft.

7. TIME LIMIT A time limit is set for passing over the Col des Champs. This time will be shown on the rider’s itinerary sheet (“feuille de route”). Any rider outside the time limit will no longer be considered part of the event and must surrender his or her itinerary sheet. Transport is provided to take such riders back to Barcelonnette. In case of refusal, the riders will no longer will be covered by the organisers who accept no responsibility.

8. WITHDRAWAL Emergency telephone numbers are displayed at the start and finish, at checkpoints and are printed on each participant’s itinerary sheet. In the event of withdrawal or retirement, the rider must give back his/her itinerary sheet at the nearest feeding station or at the finish. If this is not possible, the participant must inform the organiser by telephone. Participants MUST inform the organiser if they retire from the event.

9. IMAGE REPRODUCTION RIGHTS All participants in the 3 Cols event authorise the organisers and their associates such as partners and the media to use the results and any fixed or moving images taken during the event in which they appear. This authorisation permits the use worldwide in all media including advertising and promotional documents for the maximum duration allowed by law, rules or treaties.

10. PARTICIPATION Any entry in the event is definitive. No refunds can be given under any circumstances.